25 December 2016 @ 05:16 pm
Title: But Wait, There's Myrrh!
Author: [livejournal.com profile] millionstar
Pairing: Belldom, AU
Rating: PG
Prompt: first kiss, mistletoe, ugly sweater
Summary: First dates aren't always the stuff of fairy tales.
Prompter: [livejournal.com profile] matturemuser
WARNINGS: Bad christmas puns in title and fic.
Author's Note: Hope you are all enjoying your holidays.

"As far as first dates go, this one is, well..."

Matthew smiled, squeezing Dominic's hand.  "It's been perfect."


"I said, it's been perfect," Matthew said firmly, moving back from the bedside as a nurse entered the room to adjust the IV drip.  "How are you feeling now?"

"A little better.  Mostly, I'm embarrassed."

"Why on earth would you be embarrassed for falling on the ice?!"

"That's the natural emotional reaction when falling on the ice requires you to get stitches in your arse," Dominic half laughed-half groaned, "you have to admit that much.  Not to mention the fact that I landed in a slushy, muddy mess.  I'm sure my hair looks," he shuddered, "horrible."

The nurse smiled to herself at the young man's predicament as she went about her duties.  He and his (boyfriend? she supposed so) partner had been utterly charming from the first moment that the blonde was brought into A&E two hours earlier.

"Not horrible.  Bloody fucking gorgeous."

Dominic blushed furiously.

"I'll be right back, I'm going to get us a coffee, yeah?" Matthew smiled yet again, and Dominic realized suddenly that Matthew's smile was something that he very much wanted to see as often as possible.  His heart fluttered as he nodded.

Dominic's nurse left the room soon after Matthew did, only to return a moment later with a bag. "Love, can you sit up without too much pain?" Dominic nodded and did as she requested, even though he was mostly leaning to one side as opposed to actually sitting up properly.  It didn't hurt too much at all, Dominic was thankful for the fact that he was pumped full of pain medication.

"Okay," his nurse said, "we have to move quickly. Lucky for us the cafeteria is on the other side of the hospital

"Move? What?"

She took a large garment out of her bag and smoothed it out.  Upon closer inspection Dominic realized that it was possibly the most hideous Christmas jumper he'd ever seen in his entire life. At least a dozen large, fuzzy faux christmas baubles were dangling from it, framing the phrase in the center which read FEEL FREE TO TOUCH MY BALLS.

"This was meant to be a gag gift for my brother, but I think that an emergency calls for a change of plans!"

"I don't follow," Dominic replied, "what plans?"

"You cannot sit here in A&E, two days before Christmas, on a first date with that hot piece," she gestured at Matthew's jacket, which was strewn across a chair, "in a hospital gown.  This isn't very fashionable, but it's festive and it's the best I can do."

Dominic grinned, touched by the stranger's gesture.  "You're very kind, and he is a bit of a hot piece, isn't he?"

"He's fucking nuclear," she muttered under her breath, "those blue eyes! Here, put this on, quickly."  Dominic laughed, doing as he was told.  She handed him a small mirror and a brush, helping him make himself a bit more presentable.  "There you go.  Is that better?"

"It is, thank you, please at least let me pay you for the jumper!"

"Pay me back by having a happy Christmas with him.  My shift is ending and I am out of here!  You'll probably be here a couple more hours, it's busy tonight."  She blew Dominic a kiss from the door. "Go easy on the arse, yeah?  You're gonna be sore for quite a while, especially when the drugs wear off.  OH, and there's something else in the bag.  Enjoy!"

"Wait!" With that, before Dominic could react, she was gone.

As if on cue, Matthew reappeared a few minutes later with two large cups.  "You know, it occurred to me that I had no idea what kind of coff-"  His eyes widened when he saw  Dominic.  He put the cups down and came closer, bursting out into laughter as he read the jumper." Matthew's laughter was infectious, Dominic especially enjoying the occasional snorting that was peppered throughout it.  It was a lovely sound.

"I had a fairy godnurse," Dominic smiled, "she was trying to give me a hand."

"And some balls."

"Lots of balls," Dominic laughed.  "Wait, she said there was something else in the bag."  He reached inside to retrieve the contents as Matthew sat down next to him on his bed.  "Oh," he gasped as he held the sprig of artificial mistletoe up for Matthew to see.

Matthew's eyebrows raised.  "Well, would you look at that."

Dominic bit his lower lip, his pulse beginning to race as he handed it to Matthew.  "Haha, that was nice of her, but do you really want our first kiss to take place in a hospital room?"

Matthew smoothed Dominic's hair back from his brow, twirling the mistletoe in his other hand. "I kinda sorta do. Do you?"

Nodding, Dominic swallowed.  "Yeah," he whispered.

Matthew held the sprig above their heads as they each leaned in, smiling bashfully, until their lips met.  It was a soft, barely-there kiss, and years later they would comment that every moment of it was permanently etched into their memories.  Dominic leaned his forehead against Matthew's, both of them exhaling.  Matthew eventually broke the silence.


"Hmm?" Dominic answered, losing himself in the smell of cinnamon and vanilla along Matthew's neckline.

"So... can I touch your balls or is your jumper deliberate false advertising?"

Dominic grinned.

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