25 December 2016 @ 03:22 pm
Title: The Reversed Passion of Matthew Bellamy
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nuraicha
Rating: PG-13
Betas: INMENSE thanks to [livejournal.com profile] festive_tights and [livejournal.com profile] mcsparklez, without you this would have been impossible!
Pairing: Matthew Bellamy/Dominic Howard
Prompt/prompter: Snow - Singing - Stray cat. From [livejournal.com profile] millionstar: Merry Christmas D! Hope you enjoy this (although I'm sure it wasn't what you were expecting), I wrote it with all my love! You're an example for me, I admire your writing and I'm so happy to give you back some of the love and kindness you've always shown me.
Summary: AU. Dom had always known how unique and talented his friend Matt was; now it was time to show it to the rest of the world.
Warnings: none, but some swearing and sexual innuendo.
Disclaimer: I'm not making money out of this, the real Matt and Dom and other mentioned characters aren't mine, and I mean zero offence.
Author's note: Happy holidays! I took too long writing this and therefore my betas haven't been able to complete their corrections; sorry for any tipos and mistakes that are left, I'll edit them ASAP!

I need to thank my friend Sara for her initial help; if it hadn't been for her input, I wouldn't have been able to write this fic the way I wanted to <3

25 December 2016 @ 05:16 pm
Title: But Wait, There's Myrrh!
Author: [livejournal.com profile] millionstar
Pairing: Belldom, AU
Rating: PG
Prompt: first kiss, mistletoe, ugly sweater
Summary: First dates aren't always the stuff of fairy tales.
Prompter: [livejournal.com profile] matturemuser
WARNINGS: Bad christmas puns in title and fic.
Author's Note: Hope you are all enjoying your holidays.

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25 December 2016 @ 07:12 pm




Warnings:Language, Fluff

Disclaimer:I do not own Muse.

Summary:What if January 1stturned out to be more than the start of the year for Matt and Dom? Non-AU.

Written for Snowpremacy 2016. My prompt: New Year's Concert – red underwear – mistletoe.

Prompter:The absolutely fabulous [livejournal.com profile] nuraicha :D

Author’s Notes: “Liebeslieder” (Love Songs) is an incredibly beautiful waltz by Johann Strauss Jr, and one of his most famous pieces.
Sorry it's a little short, but I hope it's still enjoyable somehow. Also, it's unbetaed, apologies! All mistakes are 100% mine!

Merry Christmas everyone :)