27 November 2016 @ 02:19 pm
Hello everyone, hope you had a good week!

Here's the timetable for all important posts concerning the event :)

- The 1st check-in post will be on the 10th December.

- The 2nd check-in post will be on the 20th December.

Please make sure to reply to these to let us know that you're still active and how you're coming along. I know it's annoying and a nuisance, but we've had people dropping out in the middle of the event without letting us know and their prompters were then left with no gift at all. We went to prevent this as good as possible.

- Sign up for a date to claim in the assigned post until the 15th December.

The date claim post will go up later this week. Take your time in claiming and decide depending on how well you progress with your fic and keep family gatherings in mind. If none of the suggested dates are applicable to you, please let us also know. We can find a solution :)

- You will receive your prompter's name on the 23rd December.

Naturally, we want to lift the big mystery of who your prompter was before you post :) And also, that way you can easily dedicate it to them.

Please let us know that you've read all of these and give us a quick reply to this post. Also, if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

Have a great 1st advent, everyone! 
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