11 November 2016 @ 07:32 pm
Hi hi hi!
Okay here is the sign up post for Snowpremacy 2016. We are excited that there was enough interest to have the fest this year, and we look forward to seeing what kinds of fic it produces!
For the fic exchange this year we are gonna keep it simple. In the comments below, which will be SCREENED we will ask you to give us a holiday themed three word prompt.  Such as...
Snow, first dance, glitter
Lights, fireplace, cocoa
....etc, etc. Please, please, keep it to three words only. Three random words, not a three word sentence.
Your fic can be as long as you wish.
If you sign up for Snowpremacy, you will be expected to complete your fic. This is not me being a bitch, this is me reacting to the fact that people have participated in this fest in the past, wrote their gift fic in good faith and not received one in return. It was awful & it just leads to hurt feelings and it's not worth that, this is supposed to be fun.
This post will be kept open for one week, until Saturday, November 19th, and then we will assign prompts.  You will have your assigned prompt by December 1, if not earlier.  Fics should be posted by December 25th, since it's a holiday gift, after all! If you encounter trouble message us (myself or [livejournal.com profile] mcsparklez) and we'll talk about an extension to perhaps the 31st.

Much thanks, [livejournal.com profile] millionstar.
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