20 December 2015 @ 10:47 am
Welcome friends to that glorious time of year! The time where we write fics! ...Which is all the time, but you know. Moving on.

This year I decided that we'll change things up a little bit for Christmas, since like with everything in my life right now, it's left to the last minute. The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] millionstar has made me a mod here so that I can organise this year's little event. Normally we have the big Christmas Fic Exchange but this year, I'm switching things up a bit! (Is it because this is so last minute? Yes. Yes it is.) This year it's short and snappy, but hopefully no less fun. Yes that's right, it's time for:

This is different to a fic exchange. Because it's gonna be short, snappy prompts. Which means not needing to contemplate what the sweet hell we're going to do with this gloriously detailed prompt we have received. No, these ones are pretty open. So you get to do pretty much whatever, as long as it's from your prompt.

Still with me? Excellent.

What's going to happen is that participants will leave, on this post, a 3 word/phrase prompt. Yep. This is what I mean by short and snappy. Here are some examples:

Eggnog, Mistletoe, First Kiss

Snowstorm, Fireplace, Cuddles

A Christmas Carol, Blanket Fort, Candy

Get the idea? So the prompts have to be pretty general like that, allowing the recipient to go essentially wherever they want with it – comedy/angst/smut/fluff/whatever. So for the love of god DO NOT write Smut, Jumbo Candy Cane, Lube Bucket. This is meant to allow everyone to have some freedom with this.

Rules for prompts:

• Don't have a genre as part of your prompt – smut, comedy, angst, horror, etc
• Don't specify an AU or Era – Victorian England AU or Showbiz Era or something like that
• Don't have a ship in the prompt – not a boat, you fools, I mean Belldom/Wobell etc etc
• Try to have the prompt as loose as possible. As with my examples above, you can see that each kind of have a direction to head in, but they still have room for movement.

Like I said, I want everyone to have freedom with how they go about this.

For writers, some general no-go's I'm going to lay out just so that we're all still having a happy and safe time:

• No major character death
• No dub-con or non-con
• No bestiality/pedophilia (Don't make Matt be fucked be Rudolph pls baby jesus)

(Aside from that I think we're good? Let me know if I've forgotten anything.)

Are you picturing Matt with a big candy cane in his bum? If not, why not? I ask you.


You beautiful elves – if you want to participate, of course – will leave a comment below (as in, on this post) with your prompt. REMEMBER: Keep it to 3 words/phrases. Not 2, not 4, not 17. Just 3. And your phrase is not to be a sentence within itself. Just short and sweet.

On Tuesday (Australia time, so probably Monday for most of you) I will close the prompts and will assign prompts using a random generator. This is so I can participate, but also to just have it completely random. There's no telling what you'll get! Once you get your prompt, write away! I will add since we have some pretty cool people doing comics, if you want to fill yours as a comic, go for it! Then post your fic here at [livejournal.com profile] snowpremacy and link it to [livejournal.com profile] museslash.

Your fic must be posted before the end of the year, please. You can start posting fron Christmas Eve. You must use all of your assigned prompts in your fic.

I believe that is all. Any questions, send them on to me. I am here, if you can believe it.

Enjoy yourselves, I'll see you on the other side.

TL;DR: Leave 3 word/phrase Christmas-themed prompts on this post before Tuesday AEST. They will be assigned on the Tuesday. Write a fic using the entire prompt. Posting will be from 24 December to 31 December.

Look, if you didn't read the post, please do. There are rules. And I don't think I wrote that much... I did, didn't I? Sorry guys :S

(P.S. I ate an entire packet of Strawberry Sour Straps. My life is a downward spiral. I am very loopy.)
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